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District One Council
Meeting Has a Lot to Say


(Editor's Note: This article has been substantially modified from the original, which appeared in the printed version of the UE News in November, 2000. The original version mentioned union-endorsements pertaining to candidates for federal office, which we cannot post on the UE Web ...)

Meeting only a few weeks before the November elections, delegates to the District One Council meeting here Oct. 20-21 had plenty to say about political action. But there was also considerable attention to pressing union business.

Delegates endorsed a 50-cent increase in the district per capita and the formal inclusion of North Carolina within the district’s geographic jurisdiction. Both proposals, recommended by the constitutional committee, now go to the locals for ratification.

The delegation from Local 150, North Carolina Public Service Workers Union, gave a presentation on how their union is being built in a so-called "right-to-work" state that bars collective bargaining with state employees. In recognition of the UE local’s growth, the District Council voted to hold the next meeting in North Carolina.

UE currently has active organizing campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey, reported Intl. Rep. Bruce Klipple.


Following up on the UE Convention’s policy action recommendations, the UE leaders from eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina considered how to develop regional UE stewards’ conferences, join the defense of public education and help popularize the Labor Party’s Just Healthcare campaign. Barry Rideout, Local 120 led the discussion.

District Pres. Connie Spinozzi encouraged participation in the November elections, regardless of individuals’ choice of candidates. 

"We owe it to ourselves and families to vote for the candidate who best represents our interests," declared Duane Yaindl, District One’s political action coordinator. "It’s a question of capital vs. the working class," he said. "They are different interests! ..."

Yaindl pointed out that the duopoly of Republicans and Democrats have blocked any third party that questions corporate domination. Ralph Nader has challenged corporate rule most of his life and he supports universal healthcare, he said, concluding, "I’d rather vote for someone I wanted and have them lose than vote for someone I didn’t want and have them win."

Genl. Sec.-Treas. Bob Clark underscored the union’s commitment to building independent political action.

Delegates elected District One’s officers: Connie Spinozzi, president; Bob Miller, vice president; Barry Rideout, recording secretary; Tim McCambridge, financial secretary; Seretha Taylor, treasurer; Duane Yaindl, political education director; Tom Dininny, sergeant-at-arms; and Bob Holbert, Barbara Prear and Joe Miglino, trustees.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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