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Smooth Negotiations
At Antioch College
Yield Results


Contract settled ...

Negotiations this year between UE Local 767 and Antioch College "were very, very good," reports Local Pres. Virginia D. Garrette. "This was the first time since ever that we have been able to reach an agreement in such a short time, and without the College having a lawyer," she says.

Local 767 made good on its principal goals, including retention of the current, employer-paid medical insurance and the cost-of-living adjustment. The union negotiates two agreements, for the college office staff and production and maintenance units.

Wages are increased by 30 cents the first year, 35 cents the second year and 40 cents the third year. The tool allowance is increased by $30.


Effective this year, employees who agree to contribute 3 percent of monthly earnings to the retirement plan will have their contribution matched by the employer.

The contract raises longevity pay for the production and maintenance unit to 20 cents an hour for 30 years of service; for the staff unit to 30 cents for 24 years of service. The cook’s wage is increased by 15 cents in August 2001 and 10 cents in August 2002.

In the event of personal illness, mental or physical disability, or maternity leave, as well as illness, injury or emergencies, Local 767 members receive Income Protection benefits (IP). Workers are able to bank their unused IP; this contract raises the limit from 275 to 300 days.

The staff contract adds a new position (gift recorder) to the bargaining unit. Bereavement leave adds stepchildren.

"The college was pleased by negotiations, they saved a mint by not using a lawyer," Garrette says. She praises the "excellent job" performed by District Seven Pres. Joyce Clayborne — an Antioch worker and negotiations veteran — in assisting the local.

The UE Local 767 negotiating committee consisted of Pres. Virginia Garrette, Vice Pres. Marcie Brimm, Rec. Sec. Carole Braun, Fin. Sec. Donna Robinson, Chief Steward-Staff Charlene Minter-Fisher, Chief Steward-P&M Amy Alexander and Executive Officer Forrest Teterus. They were assisted by UE District Seven Pres. Joyce Clayborne.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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