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District 2 Council
Takes Message
Directly to Circuit-Wise


District 2 delegates rally outside Circuit-Wise in support of Local 299 members ...
District 2 delegates rally outside Circuit-Wise in support of Local 299 members. The company has filed for bankruptcy and refused to meet contractual obligations.

Delegates to the June 15-16 District Two Council met briefly at the Holiday Inn here before leaving to rally in front of the gates of Circuit-Wise. They chanted and marched in support of their UE Local 299 brothers and sisters who are now working under Chapter 11 bankruptcy conditions. The company has refused to pay the vacation pay earned previous to the bankruptcy filing. With the July plant shutdown approaching, Circuit-Wise employees were concerned both about their vacation pay and the future of their hard-won contract.

Led by Genl. Pres. John Hovis, District Pres. Judy Atkins and Local Pres. Dorothy Johnson, a delegation of District Two executive board members delivered a letter to Circuit-Wise management stating the union’s intentions to stand with Local 299 members in their refusal to go backwards in wages or working conditions. At the shift change, the District Two delegates were joined by a large group of Circuit-Wise workers who marched out of the plant together. Together the picketers expressed their determination to continue the fight.

On their return to the meeting, the delegates listened to Dir. of Org. Bob Kingsley and Pres. Hovis explain the revised financial plan. Questions from the floor focused on the switch to an hourly dues plan, the proposed change to an every other year convention schedule and the future of organizing for the union.

Later, District Two voted to send a resolution to the National convention opposed to the change in the annual convention.

On Saturday, delegates gave contract reports. The fight for a first contract at Berlin Health and Rehab was described by Intl. Rep. Kim Lawson. A plan to begin leafleting factories along the Vermont/New Hampshire border was outlined by Pres. Atkins. Turning to political action, delegates gave reports on the Washington Political Action Conference and the Anti-FTAA demonstration in Quebec. Pres. Atkins spoke to the delegates about the importance of writing resolutions and participating in the National convention’s committees.

UE Local 243 hosted the council meeting.

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Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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