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Local 1174 Fights Off
Concessions, Wins
Best Wage
In Recent Memory


The new three-year agreement with Quad City Die Casting Co. ratified by UE Local 1174 members will raise wages by 3.5 percent the first year, 3.5 percent the second year, and 3.25 percent the third year. The agreement came only after the local was able to get the company to move off proposals for concessions on holidays, vacations, medical leave, time and a half after eight hours, double time on Sundays, language involving the company’s power to dispense discipline, and the pension plan.

Shift change rallies and members wearing stickers and union T-shirts all contributed to this effort in the closing days of bargaining.

The cap for employees with family insurance will remain $65 per month the first two years of the agreement and will increase to $68 per month the third year. Prescription card deductiblesincrease to $7 for generic, $15 for brand name, and $20 for formulary. Weekly disability benefits increase to $195 per month.

Bereavement leave is expanded to include grandchildren and an extra paid day for a funeral 500 miles away. Vacation is increased by a half- day to 13 days for workers with five to 10 years’ seniority. The company’s contribution to employee safety glasses increases to $40 as does the company’s contribution to replacement prescription lenses.

The company also agrees to post three additional secondary I apprenticeships. For the die-cast department, new language makes it possible for workers to earn the set-up rate when setting up certain jobs.


Improvements are made in the grievance procedure. The company will now deduct dues in accordance with the local’s constitution. A drug and alcohol testing policy limits testing to situations when reasonable suspicion can be proven. Tests are either positive or negative based on specific thresholds and, if a worker tests positive, the company will pay half of the costs of rehabilitation up to $2,000. The policy also calls for an awareness program and union representation.

Under the new agreement, the number of hours the company can employ temporary workers increases. However, the company can not use temporary workers if regular employees are on layoff.

In the event the company obtains work from a customer which requires a seven-day-a-week work schedule, the union and the company agree to meet and bargain in good faith over an alternate shift schedule with the condition that it would have no adverse effect on employees on the first, second or third shifts.

The UE Local 1174 bargaining committee included Pres. Keith Scribner, Rec. Officer Tim Becker, Treas. Bill Peterson and Bob Bertram. They were assisted by Field Org. Ryan Downing and Intl. Rep. Greg Cross.

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Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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