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UE Local 299 Leader
Wins Election to New Haven
Democratic Committee


Tina Jendrewski
Tina Jendrewski

Tina Jendrewski, vice president of amalgamated UE Local 299, "got tired of broken promises, from alder-people right up to the Mayor. Nothing much by way of accomplishments ever got done," she complains. The long-term Circuit-Wise worker decided to do something about this mess. Together with a woman who is a Yale worker and member of HERE Local 24, Jendrewski was elected co-chair of the 12th Ward Democratic Committee.

"I will put my UE knowledge to work and take a bite out of City Hall," Jendrewski says.


"I got very upset when they closed a neighborhood school in my ward, and more upset when I found out with others in my ward about a central kitchen being built on the same property of the school to cook all school meals and deliver to all schools in New Haven," Jendrewski says. "Than means more traffic in the neighborhood, and trucks coming and going all morning and afternoon in a neighborhood that does not have sidewalks.

"In my ward we don’t have much for our children to do, now that our school is closed. It seems all the efforts go to parts of New Haven that Yale is in. To me Yale should be doing more for our schools and more in New Haven in general," she insists.

"I have been on the 12th ward Democratic committee for 20 years and will do whatever it takes to shake up City Hall. I learned quite a lot over the years from the UE, and now I will put my UE knowledge to work," Jendrewski declares.

UE News - 6/02

Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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