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International Solidarity —
Building Solidarity
In Montreal

UE Local 221 Financial Secretary

On June 10 and 11, members of Locals 221and 267 joined UE International Labor Affairs Dir. Robin Alexander in Montreal for a conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Center for International Workers’ Solidarity (CISO).

Supported by trade unions and community organizations throughout Quebec, CISO has worked to foster international solidarity for twenty-five years. Following an unplanned encounter in Mexico four years ago, UE and CISO organized joint worker-to-worker delegation to Mexico for three consecutive years. CISO activists attended last year’s UE National convention in Burlington.

The UE members compared notes with the Quebecois unionists on bargaining in the education sector, welfare reform, and resisting corporate globalization.


CISO activists urged UE members from Vermont to come to Quebec City next April, where a summit of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (a proposed NAFTA-like agreement) will be met with protests like the November 1999 protests against the WTO in Seattle and the April 2000 protests against the IMF in Washington, D.C.

UE members from Vermont hope to host a delegation from CISO to Vermont in the near future, and to strengthen ties between the UE and like-minded unions in Quebec.

Joining Alexander were Pat Foley, Local 221; John Payne, Head Start chief steward, Local 221; Norma Sprague, Chief Steward, Local 267, and Jonathan Kissam, financial secretary, Local 221.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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