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Second Victory at Henry Mayo
Hospital Food,
Staff Choose UE


UE's newest members ...

UE’s newest members are employees of the subcontractor that provides Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital with housekeeping, food and linen services.

... ISSI employees

Employees of the for-profit subcontractor providing Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital with housekeeping, food and linen services voted by a two-to-one margin to join UE on April 21, less than two months after some 500 hospital employees chose UE representation.

Integrated Support Solutions Inc. (ISSI) employees voted 44 to 22 for UE in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.

The workers who feed Henry Mayo patients and clean the hospital’s rooms cited low wages, irregular raises, unaffordable health insurance, under-staffing and lack of training as their reasons to organize. In addition, they are seeking recognition of their years of service, and greater job security.


"We have fought hard for our union, and now that we have it things will have to change," says Maria Lopez, a housekeeper. "We want better treatment and a fair wage. Those of us with years of service shouldn’t be making less than new hires!"

ISSI management fiercely opposed the organizing campaign, and hired a unionbuster. The largely Latino workforce rejected the attacks on the union. Management’s captive-audience meetings nearly turned into debates as rank-and-file leaders challenged the company line.

Hiring in recent weeks puts the ISSI workforce at 85 workers. They join the vocational nursing staff, technicians in Radiology, Lab and Respiratory, clerks and support staff — roughly half the hospital’s total workforce — who voted to be represented by UE on Feb. 23-24. Two hundred and fifty registered nurses chose to join the California Nurses Association last August, initiating the union movement at Henry Mayo.


"I’m really glad we won, this is just the start of the teamwork among all who serve Henry Mayo for a better hospital," says Joy Horner, a Dietary Tech. "Now we can get the respect we deserve and our voices will finally be heard and counted!"

The latest UE members have held interim elections and are preparing for negotiations.

The ISSI workers were assisted by International Representatives Fernando Losada and Terry Davis and Field Organizers Miguel Canales, Leah Fried, and Carol Igoe.

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