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Significant Wage
Increases, Holidays
For Part-Timers
At Flynn Theatre


Local 221 members from the Flynn Theatre Box Office at their contract ratification meeting ...

Local 221 members from the Flynn Theatre Box Office at their contract ratification meeting. From left, Barbara Phillips, Jeannie Berryman, Vince Edwards-Orr, Chief Steward Holly Chagnon, Jesse Pasackow, Rachel Ellis and Simon Riemer Kissam, for whom this was a captive audience meeting. He’s pictured with Local Vice Pres. Jonathan Kissam.

Members of amalgamated UE Local 221 employed by the Flynn Regional Box Office unanimously ratified a new three-year agreement containing significant wage increases.

The contract creates a new wage scale by raising the current hire rate 8 percent, from $7.16 to $7.75, and then establishing a 6-year scale, with 3 percent step increases and 3 percent cost-of-living increases each year of the contract. Most current employees will receive an immediate increase of between 47 and 80 cents an hour, with 6 percent (3 percent step plus 3 percent COLA) increases in the second and third years of the contract.

The negotiating committee also won paid holidays for part-time workers, a first at the Flynn. Part-time workers who work more than 15 hours per week will now receive 4 hours of pay on each of 6 holidays. The contract also gives workers greater ability to get into shows for free, and creates a Work Environment Committee, so that workers have a regular forum in which to raise with management issues of health, safety and comfort in the workplace.

The UE negotiating committee consisted of Vance Edwards-Orr, Local 221 Vice Pres. Jonathan Kissam and Jesse Pasackow. (They negotiated the contract without staff assistance.)

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Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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