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Lamson & Goodnow 
Members Prevail
In Tough Fight
With New Management


Contract Settled!

In their first negotiations with new management, the members of amalgamated UE Local 274 employed by Lamson and Goodnow faced a range of serious concessions for the first time. An aroused and united membership defended the contract and emerged with improvements.

Management demanded open-shop language, a weakened grievance procedure, minimal wage increases, substantial changes in health care coverage and a substantial increase in health insurance costs, and a major surrender of vacation time.


In response, union members employed a variety of tactics to communicate their unhappiness with these concessions. Workers wore union stickers, shirts and hats, boycotted the company Christmas party, refused overtime, worked five weeks without a contract, rejected four company proposals and took their struggle public. Union members had planned on informational picketing; the contract was settled in the meantime.

Union members kept their strong grievance procedure and union-shop clause and fought off management’s changes in health insurance. They obtained more substantial wage increases — 3.5, 2 percent, 2.5 percent and 2 percent in a four-year contract — while minimizing the effects of the other concession demands.

The negotiating committee members were Frank Drew, Tyler Clark, Harry Demers, Bruce Rowland and Becky Allen. They were assisted by UE Field Org. Paul Ryan.

UE News - 3/02

Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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