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Kraco Workers
Strengthen Their Rights


The UE committee at Kraco ...
The UE committee at Kraco, from left, Javier Aguilar, Conrado Perez, Oscar Flores, María Barahona and Luis Hernandez.

Kraco Enterprises workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 1421 have ratified a new contract reached in early February with the manufacturer of car stereo systems. The four-year contract includes a new paid holiday (employee’s birthday) and other improvements in benefits, changes in contract language that strengthen workers’ rights, and wage increases.

Under the terms of the new agreement, the company must meet with union representatives and the workers in the affected department to discuss any new or revised productivity or performance standards. The company is now required to give the union safety committee three days notice of inspections, with committee participation in inspections. The contract recognizes two new stewards’ positions.

Improvement of the temporary-job transfer article means that no employee will be forced to fill vacancies for more than six weeks. Any employee filling a temporary vacancy will be paid at the rate of the employee being replaced or the employee’s regular rate, whichever is higher. Double-time will now be paid for all work performed on a holiday and all work performed on a Sunday that is not part of a regularly scheduled shift. This agreement allows more time for wash-up breaks.

Life insurance increases by $5,000 to $15,000. The contract improves vacation eligibility. The contract leaves unchanged employee health-insurance contributions, except for prescription co-payments.

Wages are raised by a total of 64 cents. Workers in Labor Grade II receive a one-time additional increase of 10 cents per hour, effective Feb. 1 of this year.

The union negotiating committee consisted of Oscar Flores, Javier Aguilar, Conrado Perez, María Barahona and Luiz Hernandez. They were assisted by UE Field Organizers Miguel Canales and Manae Ross.

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Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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