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Local 1004 Wins
First Termination Grievance


Jackie Jackson, unjustly terminated for "bringing her problems to work," is back to work at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, thanks to the vigorous prosecution of her grievance by UE Local 1004. This is the first termination grievance ever won at the hospital — and to win it, the union improvised by creating a new step to the grievance procedure.

Jackson works in Medical-Surgical. Her ex-husband’s new wife was hired in the unit. Trouble apparently started when the new employee accosted Jackson. Jackson left the floor and went to the staffing office where co-workers and management attempted to calm the situation. Jackson, who never touched her antagonist, followed management’s directives and sat when requested to do so. The other employee was escorted out of the building, and fired.

The next day, Jackson was called to the Human Resources office and terminated.

Karen Belcher, the department steward, argued the grievance at the first of the two steps; Chief Steward Theresa Vivian-Washburn took the case to the next level. Human Resources rejected the grievance.


Convinced that Jackson had been treated unjustly, her co-workers and the UE stewards refused to accept management’s answer — so they went to the hospital’s chief operating officer, the HR director’s boss. Belcher, Vivian-Washburn and steward Frank Velasquez attended the meeting with the COO, along with several of Jackson’s co-workers. They had with them letters written by employees from all over the hospital insisting on Jackson’s return. They were not willing to take "no" as an answer.

The COO relented, overruled HR, and Jackie Jackson was reinstated.

UE members at Henry Mayo take satisfaction in knowing that as well as being the first termination grievance they have won it was also a victory achieved without staff involvement.

UE News - 3/02

Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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