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Walter Taylor,
Former Local 615
President, Dies


Walter Lee Taylor, former president of UE Local 615 ...

Walt Taylor

Walter Lee Taylor, former president of UE Local 615, died Jan. 15, 2002 at age 55.

In his nearly 25 years of employment with Pennsylvania Electric Coil, Brother Taylor served his local union in various capacities, including chief steward. The pattern maker also served on the UE District Six executive board and as a district trustee.

As president, Brother Taylor led the local’s bargaining committee through numerous negotiations, including those in 2000 which realized significantly improved wages and benefits. Taylor served as president when the shop moved from its original Pittsburgh location to Glassport in early 2001, union contract intact.

"You get more respect from the bosses when you have a union," Taylor told an interviewer last year. "When you have a union, they know there’s a line they can’t step over. It really means that you live better, healthier and happier."

Brother Taylor is remembered as a fun-loving person with a smile that beamed for everyone, but who would quickly change his mood when it was time to ensure workers’ rights and enforce and protect the contract.

Brother Taylor is survived by his mother, Pinkie Harris; wife, Ona Renee; sons, Walter Monroe, Walter III, Kalunda, and Lee; and daughters, Crystal and Dawn Monroe; and a sister and five brothers.

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Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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