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   The tale of the

      Crooked E


Once the nation’s single largest trader of electricity, Enron promoted and profited from the California deregulation debacle. Company officials helped bankroll the Bush campaign. Later, Enron officials met with the Bush Administration to plan an energy policy for the nation. Then it suddenly went bad — but not so suddenly that Enron bigshots missed a chance to cash out $1 billion of their own shares. However, 12,000 Enron employees lost their 401(k) savings. The average Americans who owned almost two thirds of Enron shares through pension and mutual funds lost tens of billions of dollars. The wife of Enron’s CEO Kenneth Lay pleads poverty. A former Enron official committed suicide. Vice President Dick Cheney is refusing to answer questions. And the tale continues ...



UE News - 02/02

Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Feature

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