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Workers, Students,
Legislators Oppose
UVM Outsourcing Plan


A delegation of students, union members and legislators met with University of Vermont administrators on Jan. 28 to deliver a petition expressing concern with the possibility that the university will subcontract the UVM Shuttle Service and Animal Care Management Dept.

The more than 1,100 students, staff, faculty and community members signed the petition.

Outsourcing the shuttle service and Animal Care Management Dept. would result in the layoff of the current UE Local 267 members.


"It’s unfair for these employees to lose their jobs, especially as these are jobs that pay a livable wage," says UVM student Caitlin Daniel-McCarter. "There is no guarantee as to what a subcontractor would pay employees. Not a single student that I’ve talked to thinks that outsourcing the shuttle service is a good idea."

Adds UVM student Kate Gillen, "Student fees fund the shuttle service. It isn’t right that an outside company should make a profit from our student fees when the current drivers are doing a great job."

Rep. David Zuckerman (P., Burlington) explains that he and other state legislators are concerned about the impact subcontracting could have on decent jobs in the area. "We want to make sure that these worker maintain their jobs, a livable wage, and full benefits," he said.


Shuttle driver Dave Driscoll finds the amount of student support "amazing." "They have been incredibly supportive of keeping the shuttle service in-house with the current drivers."

Local 267 Pres. Carmyn Stanko said after the meeting, "We hope the administration makes the right decision. It’s been great working with students, staff, faculty and community members to save good jobs at UVM."

At UE NEWS press time, the administration had not yet made a decision.

UE News - 2/02

Home -> UE News -> 2002 Archives -> Article

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