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Harowe Workers Gain
$1.15 Over 3 Years,
Defend Past Benefits


Contract Settled!

API Harowe workers, members of amalgamated UE Local 155, last month ratified a new three-year agreement that will increase wages by $1.15 an hour while protecting past benefits.

UE members mounted a concerted and successful effort on the shop floor to prevent modification of the long-established earned time policy. This policy allows workers to earn bonus hours to be taken either as time off or as a cash bonus. Union members also defended the call-in emergency vacation days which the company sought to eliminate.

Wages are increased by 40 cents the first year, 40 cents the second year and 35 cents the third year.

The pension benefit will increase by 50 cents in the third year of the contract. The sickness and accident benefit will increase to $200 a week for up to 26 weeks.


The negotiations led to four immediate job upgrades and the possibility of more.

The contract now allows for prorated vacation benefits for employees who retire, leave for the Armed Forces or are laid off. Improved contract language guarantees that workers who successfully bid on a job will receive the new rate of pay within 10 days.

"This shop is an old 155 shop that has been through many employers and has always struggled to survive," comments UE District One Pres. Connie Spinozzi. The contract represents "a good job done by the committee and our members."

The UE committee consisted of Betsy Snyder, Linda Dennis, Ellice Cannon and Barbara Logan. They were assisted by District One Pres. Spinozzi.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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