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A Cartoon View
Of the New Administration

Oath of Office ... (Gary Huck Cartoon)

Having failed to win a majority of the popular vote, and having gained a majority in the Electoral College with an unprecedented assist from the United States Supreme Court, George W. Bush can hardly claim a mandate. But that’s not stopping him from pushing his right-wing agenda.

In assembling a diverse Administration, the new President picked what some Democrats have called a more "representative" Cabinet than that of any Republican in recent memory. But it’s also a heavily pro-corporate Cabinet, filled with creatures from boardrooms, right-wing think-tanks and previous administrations not known for being worker-friendly.

Tommy Thompson as ...  ... (Gary Huck Cartoon)

Vouchers  ... (Gary Huck Cartoon)

Perhaps more telling than the President’s department heads are the policy makers behind the scenes. The day after announcing his Cabinet selection, Bush met with some three dozen corporate executives, nearly all of them white and male, who had contributed a total of $1.6 million to the Republican election effort. Among them giving Bush advice was General Electric Chairman Jack Welch. "There is a unanimity here," declared Bush.

No kidding. Denomination  ... (Gary Huck Cartoon)

Cartoons by Gary Huck • UE News - 01/01

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