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Local 692 Sees Big Gains
In First Contract
With New Owner


Contract Settled!

Last February UE Local 692 members were wondering about the effects of their plant’s second change in ownership in nearly a decade and the first since Ervite workers organized in 1992. What would the change in ownership mean for negotiations?

As it turned out, the Local 692 membership stuck together, backed their negotiating committee and achieved one of their best-ever contracts through negotiations with the new owner, Wisconsin-based Applied Power Inc. (APW).

The membership, now close to 300 strong, had a list of major goals going into negotiations that included raising wages, lowering insurance costs, making upgrades easier and eliminating any sort of mandatory overtime. They accomplished all these goals and more in the contract ratified on Nov. 2.


Wages increase by 45 cents the first year and 40 cents in the second and third years. What’s more, a shorter progression schedule and probation period will yield additional increases of up to 60 cents an hour. New and higher starting rates on three classifications also result in additional raises.

By revamping employee payments for health insurance, the company will pay a much larger portion than before — resulting in savings for all employees and more than 50-cents-an-hour in savings for those with family coverage. The company will be paying a progressively larger portion in the second and third years of the contract.

The contract sets up a system for allowing employees in "B" classifications to move into "A" classifications once trained. The union negotiated more than 30 improvements in contract language covering job posting, transfers, numbers of union stewards and many other issues, in addition to improvements in bereavement and safety shoes and glasses and leave of absence benefits.

The Local 692 negotiating committee, led by Pres. Mark "Woody" Wlodarczyk, included Tom Migdal, Scott Buterbaugh, Norm Tousey, Pat Bubash and Bill Warren. They were assisted by Field Org. Ron Flowers.

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Home -> UE News -> 2001 Archives -> Article

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