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Local 258 Wins
Nearly $24,000
For Member
Unjustly Laid Off


Local Pres. 258 Pres. Doug Whitcomb, left, presents award to Wayne Alger.

Local Pres. 258 Pres. Doug Whitcomb, left, presents award to Wayne Alger.

A grievance fought by UE Local 258 on behalf of a Cone-Blanchard Machine worker unjustly laid off in violation of the union contract led to an arbitration settlement of nearly $24,000.

Wayne Alger, who served as local sergeant-at-arms, had been denied the right to bump when laid off on Jan. 9, 1999.

"The arbitrator saw through the company testimony as they tried to discredit Alger every way possible," says Local Pres. Doug Whitcomb, who happily served as lead witness in the case.

"Alger was a skilled gear cutter and the company tried to say he wasn’t qualified to clean the bathrooms. We are all very happy that the company was caught in their foolishness," Whitcomb comments.

The arbitrator ruled Alger was entitled to full back pay and the right to bump into the class that he had been denied the opportunity to enter. Although Brother Alger has chosen not to return he is thankful to the union for its assistance.

"Arbitration must not become commonplace in resolving grievances, but when you have to do it, you can be successful," Whitcomb suggests. "It should be understood that even the most seemingly iron-clad case can be lost when put into the hands of one person — the arbitrator."

UE Field Org. Rachel Clough assisted Local 258 in conducting the arbitration case.

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Home -> UE News -> 2000 Archives -> Article

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