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66th UE Annual National Convention

Special Issue

The 66th Annual UE National Convention

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Defending and Advancing Workers' Interests Through Political Action

Mobilizing for Jobs and Justice

'Health Care for All' Convention Goal

Rights of the Healthcare Worker Backed


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66th Annual UE Convention
Mobilizing for
Jobs and Justice

The union will mobilize the membership to oppose the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and privatization and encourage greater UE participation in the Jobs with Justice coalition, as a result of Convention action.

Delegates adopted the report of the Policy Action Committee, which moved a plan of action based on three resolutions:

  • "Stop FTAA," which "Demands that Congress immediately reject the job-killing FTAA and the undemocratic Trade Promotion Authority/Fast Track mechanism sought by big business;"

  • "Stop Privatization and Expand Public Sector Workers," which, in part, "Demands the conversion of private sector to public sector jobs in those places where, because public safety is at stake, public employment is appropriate," and "Opposes the privatization of public services and facilities;"

  • "Support the Jobs with Justice Movement," which renews UE’s support for Jobs with Justice "at the national, district, and local level," including attendance at Jobs with Justice conferences.

The plan adopted by the Convention:

  • Instructs locals and districts to organize distribution of educational information exposing attacks on UE members’ jobs through FTAA and privatization and budget cuts;

  • Instructs locals and districts to discuss and decide on the appropriate activities against these threats to UE members’ jobs;

  • Requires the National union to assist in preparation of materials and organization of conferences and delegations on the national and state levels.


Eric Marcks

Eric Marcks

"It’s appropriate that these resolutions are together," commented Eric Marcks, Local 893. As a public employee, Marcks said he’s especially concerned with privatization. "We need to be alert to daily attempts to privatize, wolves are always at the gate," he said, adding that the Iowa state legislature is talking about "redesigning" government. This is relevant to FTAA and the jobs under threat from multinational corporations; plant closings weaken state budgets.

Trying to take advantage of the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, said Carl Rosen, District 11, the Administration and Congressional Republicans will try to push through fast track and the FTAA under the guise of a national economic emergency. "We can’t allow our voices to be muted," he said.

Jobs with Justice represents some of the "best folks in the labor movement," who have been supportive of UE battles, Rosen said. This coalition is important to turning the labor movement around, he stressed.

Ray Pompano
Ray Pompano

"I’m in support of all three," declared Ray Pompano, Local 243. "FTAA will be so deadly for workers all over the world, it will drag down wages to unbelievable levels."

An example of the kind of activities called for by the plan, said Paul Spors, Local 1128, is "the really good turnout we had for the parade on Labor Day." The event gave UE members a chance to send a message to their Congressman, who voted for fast track. "I’m proud of how our union stood together during that parade," Spors said.

John Thompson, Local 690, liked the plan and resolutions and how they connected. He pointed out how "the FTAA opens up the public sector to privatization and poses a real threat to our brothers and sisters in the public sector." Jobs with Justice, he said, is a good coalition with which to combat both FTAA and privatization. Pittsburgh’s Alliance for Progressive Action is a JwJ affiliate which got started with the help of UE.

Connie Spinozzi, District One, and David Adams, District Six, were the co-conveners of the Policy Action Committee.

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