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The 65th Annual UE National Convention

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Convention Electrifies Erie

Stories of Courage and Liberation

Aggressive Struggle Key to Improved Contracts

Healthcare Workers Demand Better Conditions for Staff, Patients

'Stop the Attack on Public Education'

'Defend Jobs and Services, Reject Privatization'

Kingsley: 'The Only Choice is to Build This Union!'

Nader: 'I Will Always Defend Labor'

Hargrove: 'Globalization Doesn't Mean Surrender'

Hill: 'Fighting for Workers' Humanity'

Roberts: 'We Haven't Been Asking for Enough'

Bourgeois: 'Close Army Training School'

On Racism, Women's Rights & Homophobia

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65th Annual UE Convention
Hill: Fighting for
Workers' Humanity

'By organizing, workers can
defend their lives and humanity'


Jaribu Hill

Jaribu Hill

Bosses show contempt for workers through unsafe working conditions and sexist and racist behavior. By organizing, workers can defend their lives and humanity, declared Jaribu Hill, director of the Southern regional office of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

The crusading civil rights attorney, who began and concluded her presentation in soul-stirring song, led delegates on a workplace-to-workplace tour of horrific attacks on workers’ rights — the North Carolina poultry-processing plant where 25 workers lost their lives in a fire because the plant doors were locked; the Mississippi poultry farm where women workers were fired for refusing supervisors’ sexual advances; the Mississippi shipyard where management tolerates racist graffiti and threats and KKK activity, among others.


Delegates were visibly affected by Hill’s depiction of offensive behavior to women workers and the violence of the graffiti and threats, which included near-lynchings.

While most workplaces were in the Deep South, Hill emphasized, that the racism and sexism that hold African-Americans and the working class down are not limited to any one region.

But there are pockets of victory, she said — including the survival of UE and its continuing presence as an example to the entire labor movement.

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