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Convention & Conference 2002

March 18, 2002


General Executive Board



FROM:  Bruce J. Klipple, General Secretary-Treasurer


The Second Constitutional Convention of the Labor Party is fast approaching. It will be held at the Capitol Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., July 25 through 28. I want to encourage your participation in this event. Our union plays a leading role in the work of the Labor Party, and we need your attendance to continue this important work.

The need for the Labor Party is more obvious than ever, although the challenges of building, maintaining, and expanding the organization are greater than ever. Working people here in the United States continue to suffer under a two-party political "system" that increasingly joins hands with big business to assault ordinary people. Neither major party will confront the growing menace of runaway corporate greed and power. Neither party has any program to address the desperate need for a national health care system. Both parties support the destruction of good manufacturing jobs with failed "free trade" policies. Both parties vote for massive tax cuts for the big business and the rich, sending growing numbers of hard-working public sector workers to the unemployment line. We need to do better than this.

Enclosed is the call to the Labor Party Convention. The call is also found on page 6 of the enclosed Labor Party Press, the official newspaper of the Labor Party. Please take a moment to review this important document; it contains the specific rules and deadlines for delegates who plan on attending. Be aware that individuals, districts, and locals will need to renew their Labor Party memberships if they plan on attending the Convention. An affiliation form is enclosed. Most locals will have received renewal information directly from the Labor Party. These materials can also be used. There is also a $75 delegate registration fee, as was the case in prior Labor Party conventions. Registration for delegate status is accomplished by meeting the membership or renewal guidelines, then submitting a letter directly to the Labor Party on your union letterhead. Details of this process are spelled out in detail in the Call under "Registration Information."

The delegate registration deadline - and the deadline to renew or join - is June 28, 2002.

The national union has reserved a block of rooms at the hotel, but they are expected to go quickly. Please - do not delay your decision making process. To reserve your room(s) as part of the UE block, please contact me at the national office at (412)471-8919. For questions regarding travel into Washington, D.C., please contact the UE Washington Office at (703)684-3123.

In solidarity,

Bruce J. Klipple
General Secretary-Treasurer


Home -> [ What's New Political Action ] -> Labor Party Convention & Conference 2002 -> UE Memo 1

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