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A Union History
The Cincinnati Shaper
Independent Union

— Submitted by Mike Fox, Vice President,
CSIU in Cincinnati, OH

The Cincinnati Shaper Independent Union was formed in 1939. It represented the shop employees of the Cincinnati Shaper Company which was a machine tool company. The shaper machine is no longer made, and the company has since changed its name to Cincinnati Incorporated. Today the product line consists of lasers, press brakes, shears, O.B.S. presses, and powder metal presses. Our Union has retained its name even though shapers are no longer produced.

This Union has been very active for 58 years and has obtained many benefits. Some examples of these benefits are all major holidays paid off, 3 personal days paid a year, 5 weeks vacation for 25 years, ability to take vacation days one at a time, seniority groups to discourage layoff, a credit union, medical benefits and a pension to name just some. A number of benefits may have not been a reality had it not been for the Union's persistence.


We still feel the need for improvement in 1997 even though many things are good for employees. Complacency breeds mediocrity, and CSIU feels there is a list of problems that must be addressed. Two of the problems on the list are the need for medical insurance for retired employees, and a 401 (k) plan. We no longer have medical insurance for retirees and our pension plan is not what it used to be. The company has discouraged negotiation of these issues. Our Union will continue to work on these problems. Throughout history, many worthwhile achievements were not easy.

Throughout the history of our Union we have had many victories and defeats. The employees of Cincinnati Inc. are in a much better position today because of the Union, than had they not had one. The CSIU is committed to improvements and will not be afraid to try. A Union is only as strong as its members. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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