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December 4th - 10th, 2005:

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We demand the Right to
Organize, Bargain and Strike
Be Restored
in the USA


December 10th is the worldwide anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. During the week of Dec. 4-10, UE members and working people all across the United States will raise their voices in support of our fundamental rights — including the right to organize and join a union and bargain a union contract! 

Freedoms Denied
in the U.S.
More than 15,000 workers have been fired — so far this year — by employers trying to smash union organizing efforts. A worker is fired or disciplined for organizing every 23 minutes!
Millions of public sector workers in the South, including thousands of UE members in North Carolina and Virginia, have no collective bargaining or labor rights whatsoever!
92% of employers hold “captive-Audience” sessions to intimidate workers who are organizing!
Bosses refuse to sign first union contracts 50% of the time when workers win NLRB elections.
Toothless laws that “protect” our rights are ignored by bosses and our government alike!
Union-busting has become a secret, unregulated, multi-billion dollar growth industry!

This is why UE members are taking part in Human Rights Week from now until December 10th ... 


Human Rights Week activities are planned in many UE cities. In Raleigh, North Carolina, UE and its allies will go to the governor’s mansion to announce the filing of a petition with the International Labor Organization, an agency of the United Nations, charging that state officials are violating the human rights of public employees by denying them the right to collective bargaining.

Across the U.S. our rights to organize, bargain and strike have been derailed by a combination of employers who break the law and politicians who ignore the wholesale violation of workers’ rights. This labor rights emergency has real consequences for all working people.

Our wages, working conditions, benefit levels, and living standards are eroding because bosses get away with using ferocious and illegal tactics to stop workers from exercising their right to organize

Recent polls show more than 40 million American workers want a union today, but can’t get one because of employer interference.

UE members from Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina assembled in Richmond, Va. on  International Human Rights Day, 2003,  to demand that the basic human right to organize be fully recognized in the United States. This year, the state of North Carolina being formally charged as a human rights violator.


What can you do to
help restore your rights?

  • Between December 4th and 10th UE members will join or sponsor activities in Massachusetts, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin and other states. Find an action and join in!
  • Visit the AFL-CIO's Human Rights Day Calendar  or contact a UE leader or organizer to find an Human Rights Day event in your area
  • Help your UE sisters and brothers in North Carolina by sending a message to their governor. Tell Gov. Easley to take swift action to provide full collective bargaining rights to public sector workers in his state. E-mail your messages to

Actions to Take:

Call your members of Congress at (202)224-3121 and demand that they co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act (S.842/H.R.1696) to restore our right to unionize! Send an email from the American Rights at Work Website.
Read about the Employee Free Choice Act.

Get into the fight for workers’ rights by supporting UE organizing campaigns. Together, we can reclaim our rights.

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Keep up the Fight!
Demand the Right to
Organize, Bargain & Strike!

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE)

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