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Get Up — Stand Up

For Contract 2000

In less than three months, the UE will begin negotiations with General Electric for a new National Contract. For the Company, times have never been better. GE enters the new century as unquestionably the richest and most successful corporation in the entire world. Small wonder that CEO Jack Welch recently told his top managers to be sure and "celebrate" the Company’s results.

GE workers on the other hand, have had little to celebrate in recent years. Our living standards have stagnated; our jobs are constantly threatened and attacked by GE; our pensions are inadequate to maintain a dignified retirement; our medical insurance costs us more than ever; and many of us have less, not more time off to spend with our families.

Unity Is The Way In Y2K

40,000 GE workers in all 14 unions of the Coordinated Bargaining Committee (CBC) are sending GE a message. That message is simply this: WE made GE #1; WE expect and deserve nothing less than major improvements in this year’s Contract; and WE stand together in support of our Union!

We're Getting Up and Standing Up For:

  • Substantial general wage increases to improve our living standards, with penny for penny COLA to protect against inflation.

  • An end to GE’s theft of our jobs through subcontracting, farmout, work transfers, and shutdowns.

  • Higher pensions and earlier retirement opportunities that will give us both security in our old age and a chance to enjoy more of the so-called "golden years."

  • Improved insurance coverage, a rollback of, and an end to GE’s relentless shifting of more and more costs onto our backs.

  • More paid time off in the form of vacations, holidays, and Sick and Personal (S&P) days.

  • Pension increases for our retired brothers and sisters, with pension COLA to provide them with ongoing protection.


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