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UE-GE National Contract Negotiations

Summary of 2000 - 2003
UE-GE Contract Proposal

The following is a UE-prepared summary of the
main points of the tentative agreement between
UE and General Electric for a new three year
National Contract. UE members in UE-GE local
unions will vote on the proposal over the next
few days. Voting will be completed by Thursday,
July 6th.

On this page:

Summary of 2000-2003
UE-GE Contract Proposal

General Wage Increases

June 26, 2000 - 4.0%
June 25, 2001 - 3.0%
June 24, 2002 - 2.5%

Continue uncapped COLA with improved formula of one cent for each .10% rise in CPI-W (was .11%) with six adjustments covering a 32-month period as follows: December 2000, June 2001, December 2001, June 2002, December 2002, April 2003.

The new COLA represents about a 10% improvement over the preceding formula in inflation protection.

Incentive Rates
Same application as in the 1997-2000 Agreement.

Wage Structure Adjustment
Effective June 26, 2000, add one cent per hour (40 cents per week for salaried) to all rates at or above $18.63 per hour, or R-18 if lower, with an additional one cent for each 15-cent wage bracket as follows with no maximum.


Greater Than


Equal To or Less Than



$18.63 per hour

$18.78 per hour

$.01 per hour












$.30 (and so on)


$745.20 per week


$751.20 per week


$  .40 per week



$  .80



$ 1.20







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(Effective July 1, 2000, unless otherwise noted)

Guaranteed Minimum Tables
Increase to range of $28.00 to $40.00 (was $26.00 to $37.00). Minimums also improved to provide for pension multiplier increase for employees in the middle of the tables.

Regular Career Formula (effective 2001) is improved by accruing service beyond 34 years on the same basis as other service (previously was a flat 1.45%). Also "break point" between 1.45% and 1.9% is frozen at $30,000 (effective 1/1/2001).

Career Pension Update will enrich pensions of those retiring under the regular formula. Applies to employees with 25 or more years or those who were at least 55 with 20 years as of 12/31/99. Update has a $250 minimum (effective 12/1/2000 for pensions beginning on 6/1/2000 or later).

Regular Supplement is increased from $13 to $14 for employees retiring between ages 60 to 62.

Special Supplement is increased from $325 to $350 for those retiring within 3 months of attaining age 60 with 25 or more years of PQS.

New Supplement Extender will result in the regular and special supplements running beyond age 62 until the age at which one qualifies for 80% of Social Security.

Survivor Options are improved with the addition of an immediate 100% option. Two years wait for 100% survivor benefit is eliminated. Reduction factors lowered for SERO and PCPO retirees.

Disability Pension will be reduced by a range of 2% to 10% for employees ages 55-59. (Previously was flat 12% reduction).

Early Pension Payout Option available to employees with at least 25 years of PQS who terminate service after a job loss event including layoff. Employees so affected going back to June 1988 are eligible to begin receiving a pension as early as age 55. Pension will be reduced 5% per year from age 60 to 55.

Pension Contributions of 3% of pay will begin after $37,500 of annual earnings (was $30,000). This will result in savings of $225 per year in after tax money (effective 2001).

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(Effective June 26, 2000)

Renew SERO for employees ages 55-59 with 25 years of PQS affected by a "job loss event." SERO 30 also renewed.

SERO "Window" is reopened and replacement pool is broadened to include upgrades and qualified new hires. However eligibility will be limited to the 850 applicants nationally who have the most Pension Benefit Service (PBS). Applies to hourly and non-exempt employees. Must retire on October 1 or November 1, 2000; must apply by September 1, 2000.

Plant Closing Pension Option (PCPO) is renewed. PCPO retirees with 25 years or more PQS will now receive dental plan coverage until age 65.

Rate Guarantee of 78 weeks is extended to employees displaced or laid off within six months of subcontracting work that had no initial adverse impact on employees performing such work.

Special Retirement and Voluntary Layoff Bonuses increased to $12,500 (was $10,000) for employees age 60 with 15 or more years PQS.

Education and Retraining Bonus in event of plant closing is increased to $10,000 (was $5,000).

Job Preservation Steering Committees extended to units of 50 or more employees, with number of meetings increased to at least four per year. JPSC information and mandate is broadened. Up to two year guarantee against job loss applies to work preserved through JPSC proposal.

Preferential Placement locations increased from 3 to 5. Standards to be hired are liberalized with 90 day trial period for employees with 25 or more years.

Relocation Assistance under preferential placement increased to $2,500 for single employees and $5000 for those with dependents (was $2000/$4000).

IEA Repayment obligation applicable to those hired under Preferential Placement is eliminated.

Plant Closing Notice increased to one year (was 6 months).

Six Month Notice of transfer of work is extended to non-production jobs where 50 or more employees are affected by proposed transfer.

Subcontracting Notice is extended to jobs subcontracted which result in no decrease of employment.

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Medical Insurance
(Effective January 1, 2001 unless otherwise noted)

Weekly S&A increased to $475 (was $400).

Lifetime Maximum benefits increased to $2.0 million (presently $1.5 million).

Contributions for both HCP and CMB increased by $50 per year for individual coverage and $50 for dependent coverage. Contributions "locked in" for contract term.

Preventive Care schedules under CMB are increased, and coverages for cervical cancer screening, prostate exam and colonoscopies are added for both CMB and HCP. Add coverage for prescription birth control products and doctor provided contraceptive services. Add coverage for adult immunizations and annual cholesterol screening under CMB.

Well Baby Care added to CMB which will give coverage for pediatric exam at birth, up to 11 doctor visits and immunizations up to 6 years old. Co-pays for well baby care and immunizations eliminated under HCP.

Hearing Aids benefit increased to $1,500/3 years for two hearing aids, exams, and repairs with no co-pays.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse coverage will include coverage for out-of-network providers at appropriate benefit level with no deductible. New coverage at 50% UCR for Masters of Social Work (MSW).

Prescription mail order option co-pay increased to $20 (was $12.00). Coverage for diabetic supplies added under both retail and mail options.

Vision Benefit schedules increased with new coverage for bifocal contacts. Vision care for children up to age 19 will be based on an annual schedule of benefits instead of every 2 years.

Dental Schedule increased (effective January 1, 2002).

Orthodontia lifetime maximum increased to $2,000 (was $1,500). Restorative and prosthodontic maximum raised to $2,000/2 years (was $1,700).

High Option Dental Plan will be offered for contribution of about $6.00/month for employee and $6.00/month for dependents. Employees may switch into or out of the plan annually.

LTDI minimums increased by $50 for all 3 benefit options.

Lifetime Maximum increased in pensioners medical plans (MCPP and PHIP).

Extended Care Facility coverage offered without the need of a prior hospital stay.

Clinical Trials coverage offered for participating employees in federal medical research programs.

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Death In Family benefit improved to cover parents and step parents for five days (was 3), and step grandparent and step grandchild added to list of covered relatives.

Scholarship Program benefit to children of deceased employees increased to $12,000 maximum ($3,000/year).

Adoption Assistance benefit increased to $4,000 (was $2,000). Benefit becomes taxable in 2002.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) maximum increased to $4,000 per year (was $3,500), with maximum for non-job related courses raised to $1,5000 (was $1,000).

Apparatus Service Shop safety shoe allowance increased to $125/year (was $75) and may be applied to other approved personal protective equipment.

Union Right to participate in new hire orientation to explain benefits of union membership.

S&SP Improvements including two new fund offerings.

Automatic Enrollment of new hires and recalled workers in various benefit plans.

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