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66th UE Annual National Convention

66th Annual
UE National

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Solidarity Forever

SEPTEMBER 20, 2001

"Equal Rights for Women: Unfinished Business" read by Resolutions Committee member Karel Hoogenraad, Local 1139. Adopted without discussion.

"Stop the Trend to Longer Hours, Stop Mandatory Overtime," read by Resolutions Committee John Thompson, Local 690. Adopted without discussion.

"Confronting the Energy Profiteers," ready by Bill Austin, District 11, Resolutions Committee co-convener. Adopted without discussion.

Resolutions Committee member Lester Koch, Local 112 read "International Labor Solidarity." Mary McElroy, Local 893, a participant recent in a recent union delegation to Mexico, spoke up for solidarity with the independent unions there. The resolution was adopted.

John Thompson, Local 690, a Resolutions Committee member, read the resolution "The School of the Americas: Ultimate Unionbuster" and then spoke on it, urging widespread union participation in the rally for closure of the terrorism school scheduled for November. John Lambiase, District Six, also endorsed the rally. An important part of that event, he said, is the moving remembrance of the children, women and men slain by graduates of the school. Lester Koch, Local 112, also backed the resolution. "If we’re asking Afghanistan to give up a terrorist, we should ask the U.S. government to give up this school!" he declared. The resolution was adopted.

"For Peace and Jobs" was read by Resolutions Committee member Steve Hyzer, Local 506. Carl Rosen, District 11, questioned whether a military approach to fighting terrorism would be successful. Massive retaliation would more likely reinforce hatred of the U.S. while killing innocent people. A big military build-up would benefit the military-industrial companies based in Texas. The resolution was adopted.

The resolution "Fight Homophobia" read by Resolutions Committee member Shirley Thrush, Local 799. It was adopted without discussion.

Resolutions Committee member Lester Koch, Local 112 read "Organize and Defend Immigrant Workers," which received the backing of John Thompson, Local 690, and John Lambiase, District Six.

"Defend Civil Liberties," read by John Thompson, Local 690, was adopted without discussion.

Thompson announced that United Steelworkers’ union members would be rallying outside the hotel at 12:30 p.m., to protest the presence of the chairman of AK Steel. Union members are resisting a 24-month, unionbusting lockout by AK Steel. Thompson urged those delegates who would still be in the vicinity to join the USWA picketline.

Delegates voted to dismiss Resolutions Committee with the thanks of the Convention.

In wrapping up, General President Hovis said that this had been an "historical and successful convention." He thanked delegates for their participation in dealing with a number of difficult issues. Pointing out that it’s now up to the membership to decide on the constitutional amendments, he said, "Our work will not be done and there will be no future for union until the votes counted and voices heard."

President Hovis expressed his thanks to national office staff, international representatives and field organizers who had worked the Convention.

Before leading the Convention in labor’s anthem, "Solidarity Forever," UE NEWS Managing Editor Peter Gilmore pointed out that 20 years ago that week (the week leading up to the Solidarity Day protest in Washington), the 46th UE Convention had met in exactly the same spot. "With the help of God and the power of our own solidarity, we’ll meet here for our 86th Convention," he said. Delegates, through their applause, indicated that such was their hope.

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