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Do ...

Develop a Local Action Plan

Here are some ideas that we could use in our upcoming fight to protect and expand Social Security.

It'd Be Nice, But ...

Donate $25,000 to a member of Congress to get their attention. Meet with them at a fancy restaurant and make them see the light through reasoned argument.

Take out a full page ad in your local newspaper ($15,000 — $30,000 or so) and/or a series of radio and TV ads urging people to call Congress.

Threaten to relocate your corporation to another country if Social Security is privatized.

On Your Own ...

Write a letter to Congress (or to the editor)

Get a friend, co-worker or neighbor to write one.

Get several friends, co-workers, neighbors to write letters.

E-mail your members of Congress (you can use the Electronic Activist)

Small Group Actions

Organize a discussion and postcard/letter writing party at your house, workplace, union, community group, place of worship.

Organize a public forum at your workplace, school, community group, place of worship, etc. Put up posters to publicize the event and get the media's attention with a press release.

Go door-to-door (or desk to desk, machine to machine) to get co-workers to sign postcards, letters, etc. Get a contribution to keep the campaign going.

Organizational Politics

Get your organization (union, community group, retirees group, church) to take a stand on privatization. Let your Congresspeople/Senators know this will influence whether the group will support or oppose them in the next election.

Organize a demonstration/meeting with local Congressmen and U.S. Senators to pressure them not to privatize our Social Security. Make the media pay attention.

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