In Memoriam

Former UE President James Kane

James Kane
September 28, 1923 - April 1, 2002

United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers or America
1981 - 1987

On behalf of the entire union, the national officers express our profound sorrow at the loss of our friend and co-worker Jimmy Kane and offer our condolences to Jenny, to Kathleen and her husband, to Jimmyís grandchildren, nieces, nephews and his many, many friends.

Jimmy Kane epitomized rank-and-file unionism. Even after many years as a full-time union officer, Jim could say, as he did in 1981 in assuming the presidency of UE, "Itís hard for me to imagine that Iím not still a worker in the shop." As a worker, steward and union officer at J&L and Local 218, Jim learned the value and meaning of unionism. He also honed the skills that made him such an effective leader. Smart, tough and disarmingly charming, all at the same time, Jim came across as comfortable and convincing whether speaking to workers, politicians, or top management. His strength came from his identification with the UE rank and file. He had a keen sense of right and wrong and worked tirelessly to make things right.

Jimís personal qualities and his long experience in UE prepared him admirably for six outstanding years as General President. He gave his union inspiring leadership at a time of intensive employer attacks. He played a pivotal role in maintaining unity and steering the union through major changes in leadership. Jim was always available to lend a guiding hand and offer his down-to-earth, common-sense advice.

A deeply moral man, Jim never separated his personal convictions from the principles he practiced in his union work. Often accompanied by Jenny and Kathleen, Jimmy demonstrated on behalf of peace and justice in New York, Washington, D.C., and state capitals. Jimmyís dedication to the union extended to the UE family ó he personally cared about members and staff, and as a result, had many friends around the union. He encouraged and patiently counseled young staff and rank-and-file leaders while displaying the wonderful sense of humor that made him truly unique among labor leaders of his time.

We deeply appreciated, and will miss, his leadership, his advice and his friendship. We are proud to have known Jim and to have had the privilege of working with him.

General President

General Secretary-Treasurer

Director of Organization

Memorial Contributions may be made to the
Springfield Booster Club,
PO Box 668, Springfield 05156

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