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  Box Score



Humongous Company
Perks (HCP)
 – all paid by GE

Higher Co-Pays (HCP)
–  all paid by us

Annual pension of
$9 Million

Annual pension not increased for GE
retirees in 2.5 years

Membership in four
different country clubs

Membership’s jobs shipped to different countries

Box seats to Red Sox, Yankees, Knicks, Wimbledon,
Metropolitan Opera

Box seats to "state of the business" meetings – no singing allowed

Central Park apartment valued at $80,000 a month

Central parking
for free in GE lot

Free meals, laundry, postage, newspapers, appliances, flowers, wine, limos, and toiletries

Free toilets
occasionally cleaned
by subcontractors

No more than 30 days of consulting work for $86,535

No more than 30 days
of vacation for 30 years
of service

GE-installed security systems for homes
in MA, CT, NY and FL

No GE job security
of any kind regardless
of state

About 22 million shares
of GE common stock

About $30 million worth of cost shifting to us if the HCP co-pay hikes are implemented

A GE Contract in which all his perks and payments are "unconditional and irrevocable"

A UE-GE Contract to prepare for starting now and, if needed, to fight for next June

* as reported by The New York Times, 9/6/2002

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